Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rebirth of The Blog

Back in the blogging saddle!

Yes, it's been quite some time since I've recounted happenings and events in my 2010 Triathlon season. Last check, I was blogging from Tampa florida where I went for spring training. I wasn't even punctual with my posts then.

My excuse at that time was the 25-30 hour training weeks just wore me out. Now I have another excuse to dodge responsibility with: earning a living. Training for Ironman is much, much easier if you don't work for a living. (Any and all sugar mamma's please contact me. An Ironman sure beats a pool boy).

I am able to fit my training weeks in around teaching guitar lessons and working at Marty's Reliable Cycle and The Running Co. , but little else gets done. Time blogging could be time spend eating or sleeping, and at times that is an easy choice regarding where to delegate my time.

But as the season progresses and my form takes shape I'm finding a bit more energy to get back to keeping all my friends up to date with my progress. It's mid July now and my form for IM Louisville is coming along fine. My race results have steadily improved throughout the season and I'm hoping for a solid peak come the end of August.

I hope to be a bit more regular and to address a variety of topics. Any suggestions? If anyone out there has a question hit me up. I'd love to add an "ask Jason" component to my ramblings. It's just another excuse to pontificate on the virtues or vices of some topic. :)

Be well.

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