Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Green Silence Rocks

AND IT'S RED AND YELLOW!!!!!  How awesome is that?  And the shoes don't match.  But yet they do.  They compliment each other, as in each shoe is the other's opposite.  It's hard to explain other than...sweet.  I love how people do double takes all the time as I run by.

Anyway, maybe I should touch on why I race/train in the shoe (though the cool looks do make the case).

The Green Silence is a racing flat for sure.  It's super light weight and flexible.  However, it offers a tinge more support than Brook's Racer ST.  Enough as to often inspire me to take this light weight shoe on a few training runs a week, leaving the Glycerine's home.  Even to the tune of a 18 mile trail run.

There is a great deal of hub bub and trendiness about minimalist barefoot yada yada.  It has it's place and it's merits.  But minimalist is not an all-or-nothing black and white thing.  At least I don't think it is  It's not either barefoot or huge cushioned stability shoes.  It's not an all or nothing.  Everyone loves to be part of a club, right?  So get your vibrums and run non stop in the them?  Bad idea.

However, if you want to lean towards the minimalist camp for your training shoes get The Green Silence.  If you just want a sick racing flat for the track or your race, get The Green Silence.

6.9 oz  Cased closed.

On another note, The Green Silence is ridiculously 'green'...not in color, as mentioned previously, but in eco-friendliness.  Recycled materials and soy based inks.  God damn it's better than granola.

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