Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pissed Racers

I love racing because it is one of the few humanly practices still available for our species to engage in that still produces within the human organism true fear – instinctual fight or flight, gut wrenching, bowel adjusting fear.  And therein lies the justification for the experience the racing experience.

Before a triathlon everyone is pissing themselves.  (Everyone's standing in, or floating in the water, mind you, or dashing off into the woods, but, yes, sometimes on the bike, too...anyway).  It’s one of the most liberating moments in a triathlete’s life I think – the moment you just let it ride because you feel, you understand on a bodily level, that it will only weigh you down - your body is engaging with full flight mode and there are much more serious effin' issues at hand.  THAT is fear.  You’ve peed 12 times that morning already!  But, 30 seconds before the gun goes off, you’ve got to go again.  The liberation felt here is not from breaking any social taboo, but the understanding of an animalistic reality, that, because of circumstances being nonconventional, can be experienced by your everyday 9 to 5er in a socially acceptable manner.

THAT is animal fear.  And that is why I love racing.