Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mid Season Race Recap

Some highlights of 2010

High Point Hill Climb TT
2nd cat 4/5/open

Bassman Triathlon
3rd AG, 11th overall

Superhero Half Marathon
3rd AG, 12th overall

Jerseyman Triathlon
2nd AG, 7th overall

Randolph Triathlon
2nd AG, 5th overall

Ironman Kentucky

My form is shaping up bit by bit.  All these races I was training through, meaning no taper, just another workout in the week.  My only big taper was for Eagleman, which was my biggest disappointment to date. DNF.  It hurts to still think about it.  But I was ill.  I was off.  It wasn't my day.  It was a disaster so I pulled the plug so I could immediately get back to some quality training.

I'm bummed I haven't marched onto the overall podium yet this season, but I use that as fuel for my training.  I will get there!  Each race I can point to a small weakness that kept me from it, and I am taking great care in addressing each shortcoming.  My swim is x10 better than when I began the season and the new bike set up is incredible.  More on these later....

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