Friday, July 30, 2010

Launch - Test Run

How many puns and word plays can we make with a shoe called the Launch?  3? - 2? - 1?....  Sorry couldn't help myself.  In short, endless, so let's just lift off, take flight, shuffle to Cape Canaveral, and forget it.

Anyway, the shoe get's it's names from it's light weight (9.3oz).  However, it doesn't quite reach the helium injected non weight of the Green Silence (6.9oz).  But it's not supposed to.  Brooks has the Launch categorized simply under 'neutral shoe' while the Green Silence has been designated "competition".

For Brooks, I believe the Launch is supposed to accommodate a certain dualism.  Something that is race worthy, but also a light trainer for those going minimalist.  Kind of like the Nike Lunar Glide, an all in one shoe, just a whole lot better.

The Launch is more flexible and feels more natural to me than the Lunar Glide.  Not such an awkward platform in my eyes.  Sometimes I wonder what Nike is thinking.  It works for the world over, but not so much for me, I guess.

I can tell already the place the Launch will take in my arsenal:  light weight trainer when I don't feel like I need the support of the more plush Glycerine.  I'll keep the dirty Glycerine trail bound and try and keep my Launch demi-virgin (real word with fascinating etymology).

Previously I had been using the Green Silence for a light trainer, but no more.  The shoe just couldn't handle the repeated abuse and is showing wear fast.  I don't think this is a fault of Brooks, just user error on my part.  I'm thinking the Launch, being a sturdier shoe, should take the abuse the Green Silence could not.  Green Silence, meet the track and the race course.  You're cut off.

The Launch breaths well.  The mid sole to upper sole has a nice low profile that really lets you feel the road.  Probably not the best candidate for the heavy heeled striker.  Brooks has done way better in the past when it comes to being bold with their color scheme.  But then again, I got shipped boring green, white and black one, not the bitchin' bright red one which is available.

There might be an explanation for this, as the shoe was ordered by none other than Ryan Grote, the most unabashed of Jets fans.  Green and black, green and white, it's like algea-ish or something off a shampoo bottle.  Not a football team or a shoe.  Whatever, tho...

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