Sunday, March 13, 2011

There Is No Thanks Great Enough

It is a gross error to assume that endurance racing is a solo sport.

Even if you drive to the event alone, run it, and drive home only using the cruise control because your legs don't work, you are still part of a team.

It's the people that care for you and help you get to the start prepared that make you able to compete.  The thoughts of these people carry you farther than any selfish motive.  It's so easy to get lost in your moment out there, but that moment is nothing but the culmination of your support structure so 'I' must be interpreted as 'We'.

Especially, at an event where you are dependent on your support crew.  The people who are giving up their time and energy to try and keep you moving in your absolutely mad pursuit.

I've been silent about my 100 mile snowshoe for the last week even though much has been written about it.  I couldn't face it.  It was too much.

Well, I'm ready to start to confront what exactly it was that I did last weekend.

I snowshoed 100 miles in 62 hours.

That's it really.  But it is saturated in emotions, realizations, and feelings that I can't yet articulate.

So I begin my recounting in calling attention to the people that made it possible.

Thank you Carrie for seeing that I was fed and clothed when I could no longer figure those things out.  Thank you for letting me go out there to finish up against all your better judgment.  And better judgement it was.

Thank you Matt for looking out for me and doing a lap or two with me (I honestly can't remember at the's still fuzzy)

Thank you Andy for putting on such a great race.

Thank you Courtenay for winning in a record time of 35 hrs and with a smile the whole time.  For showing me what it means to be a great athlete.

Thank you Joe for taking me on that last lap and pushing me so hard and so fast I couldn't think about quitting.  I could only just be fully illuminated in pain and the moment.

Thank you friends for putting up with my disappearing acts when i get ready for these events.  Thank you for when I go into hiding after.

Thank you to my family for being the rock that makes doing anything possible.  Your support is the deepest thing I understand.

Thank you for every one out there who takes a second to think about things like this.  It gives me a sense of purpose, no matter how small that might be.

Thank you for reading.

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