Tuesday, March 22, 2011

McNaughton 150 Rule #1 and #2 and #3 and #4

There's no right or wrong way to train for a 150 mile run.  Just prepare the f@ck up!  Rule # 1 for McNaughton training.

This ran through my head as I climbed on all fours up a 20% gradient in 4 inches of fresh powder while dragging a truck tire behind me.  It was filled with heavy, water-laden snow.

Maybe make a better harness than two loops of heavy rope that I threw my arms through.  This is definitely gonna leave a mark.

That was my next thought.

So it's begun.

Rule #2 for McNaughton training

Any run under 10 miles of trails require that I drag a tire for at least half of it - if not all of it.  I suppose I can drop the tire for speed work on a steep grade.  Then I wear a weighted vest

There is no way to go out and practice 150 miles.  There is no way to find the time to anyway.  So for two hours a day I'm going to prepare the f@ck up.

After 4 miles of dragging a tire through the snow I reached the tractor tire and flipped it up and down Joe's long drive way - while still dragging the truck tire.

Then I ran home - still dragging the truck tire

Rule #3 for McNaughton training

Fatten up.  I'm down to 145 pounds from 160 when I arrived in Pittsfield.  I've been so busy working and training I forget to eat.  I neglect this vital component.  Right now I could ROCK a marathon.  You only use glucose and simple sugars for the most part in an intense 3 hour or less run.  But for 150 miles you burn fat.  You burn muscle.  You burn your freakin' soul if you can get an ounce of forward momentum from it.

Maybe I'm just lighter because I shaved my big Vermont mountain-man beard.
This brings me to...

Rule #4 for McNaughton training
Last race is over - time to begin anew.  Lessons learned, moving forward.  No dwelling.  No attachments.  No nothing.  Brand new.

No rules.  Just prepare the f@ck up!

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