Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video WOD - Natural Thermogenics

The ephedra craze has kind of run it's course.  There are all sorts of replacements on the market, the efficacy of which I cannot really speak to.  I've tried them but never really liked how my overall system felt and apetite supression isn't always the greatest of ideas when training 6 hours a day.  Not wanting to eat while your metabolism is articficially cranked through the roof might be a good idea if you sit at a desk all day and don't exercise, but I have doubts about it's use for an endurance athlete.

It was commented upon how much I ate during the 100 mile snowshoe.  At one point I sat down and ate half a pizza, two reubens, and a breakfast burrito and then went out for another lap.

If you think about it, this makes sense.  Not only did I have to burn calories to transport my body over and through the snow, up and down mountains, I had to burn lots of calories to just stay warm.

Caloric burn x2.  Thermogenics in a nut shell.

So then someone comments that they read some book, The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, and how this dude replecated thermogenics by crashing is core temperature and then working out while his body was forced to warm up.  Shivering = caloric burn.  Working out = caloric burn.  Works out to caloric burn x2.  Thermogenics in a nutshell.  I don't know if he used this phrase, but I'm calling it Natural Thermogenics.

Have I read it the book?


Do I know if it's true?  Do I have any idea what Tim Ferriss actually did or was trying to say?


Do I know if this is safe?


Did I try it?

Sure did.

Hence this video was born.

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  1. 2015 Transalpine RunnerMay 19, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    "Good job!" Says she from under the comfort and indulgence of a warm blanket on a cushy feather couch, sedately burning calories ;-)