Saturday, August 14, 2010

Relish Vulnerability

Fear is the easiest state of being.  It is the most natural, the truest native experience of homo sapien.

The default setting of our psyche is to stay hidden, veiled, thus avoiding a need to decide between the fight or flight mechanism. Simply rising to that conflict involves the intimation of courage.

Training is difficult but does not engage the mechanisms of fear that accompany the prospect of peak performance.  Training there is always the spectre of tomorrow.  Never the absoluteness of today.

Some where along the line we start looking for a way out as race day leaves the periphery and takes full command of our awareness.

I wonder if I truly am too tired to train sometimes, to take it to the next level.  Instead, am I not just afraid to actualize myself, step out from the cave and embrace vulnerability?  Because through the same window that we gaze at catastrophe, we can also see victory.

 Relish the chance to be destroyed and broken down till there is no shell remaining.

That is how winning is done:  finishing what it is you've chosen for yourself to do.

Play with the deck stacked against you if all you can do.

Win or loose.  Just don't  bitch or offer excuses for not stepping up to the plate.  Let today be the day.

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