Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heat Advisory Pt 2

Previously I wrote about the importance at training in the afternoon heat.  Particularly during these wonderful July and August months that accompany heat advisories from various authorities.

The reasoning being that in Ironman, marathons are run in the afternoon heat, and, if we are lucky enough, the afternoon heat of lava fields in 100% humidity.  The previous post might have come off a bit brash.  Something in the order of:  when warned to please stay indoors and check on the elderly, run 20 miles.

I'd like to stand by this verdict but a word of caution should be noted.  Today's experience was a reminder of the precautions and self awareness needed to safely execute such dumb ass training.

I ran 8 miles at a moderate temp today.  I didn't quite fuel up properly and dumbly dumped approximately a 3rd of my water bottle on my head by mile 4.  Only 4 more to go, right?  It's nothing.

Well by the end of the run I was counting my right foot falls.  Must have done it 1000 times!  I was woozy and dreaming of that water.

I still kept my tempo up and finished around a 7.15 pace but I knew I was very close to danger zone.  Actually, I was in it.  I walked straight inside, filled my water bottle, and walked into cool (not cold) shower full dressed.  Even after that the world got a few shades grayer and I nearly hit the deck.

So a little humbleness goes a long way.  But also, I've gained valuable insight into my body that just might keep me out of the medical tent at IM Louisville.

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