Thursday, December 3, 2009


Distance traveled is an integral part of daily existence. It denotes movement. I refrain from using the word progress. For I know more than most, movement doesn’t always equate with progress. But distance traveled is a relative measure of a life lived. For good or for ill, either way, movement is better than staying in bed all day. Whether it be traveling the country, climbing the corporate ladder, running mad miles, or just soaring in your imagination, distance traveled is note worthy and significant. That is why this blog is called Mileage. This blog is about my movement forward through Multi-and Ultra Distance sports. Specifically Ironman in 2010.

I’m beginning this blog at the onset of the 2010 triathlon season. I’ve never documented an entire season online before even though I’ve traveled a great deal in the world of ultra distance sports already. I’m excited to share where it goes from here. My goal with this blog is to not just publish workouts and statistics because, well, that’s boring as hell to anyone who isn’t ‘in it’. I find anecdotes from training are universal: applicable from doing laundry to investing. I also hope to have some ridiculous stories for I often end up in situations way over my head and out of control. ☺

This year I plan on training as if I were to race as a pro. I'm moving back home to my original stomping grounds and the roads and mountains I trained on my whole life. Sussex country, for those who don't know, is the county with the most elevation and chockfull of rural beauty to make hours of training enjoyable. I'm going to try just earn enough to subsist. All other time is to be focused on Triathlon. I've got Eagleman in June and IM Kentucky in August. If I up trained after a full commitment and fail I can then give up the dream of being a pro athlete in peace. This is my year to give it all so I'll live without regrets.

I hope you all subscribe to this blog, chime in, and enjoy it. It should be interesting to say the least.

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  1. best of luck, jas. i hope that you succeed in this endeavor and that all your dreams come true. i certainly appreciate the way you are approaching your new blog, as more of a story or "day in the life", instead of all factual jargon. sounds like some interesting and fun reading and you can count me in on your fan list. all my support ;)