Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 2 Review

The rhythm has begun. I'm still sans pool and weight room, but that shall be remedied the 27th when I start up my Y membership again.

This week has been all about the bike. Strapped into the infamous indoor trainer. Boring, boring, boring except for the saving grace of DVD's. I do enough interval work to keep from getting a numb mind. Nothing is worse than just steady state for three hours; unless you are watching The Godfather, but you can only do that so often.

The focus of my spinning this week has been on technique. This is an often overlooked aspect aspect of cycling. But if you are doing a 5 hour Ironman split at an average of a 90 RPM cadence, that's, well....let's see...27,000 pedal strokes. Shouldn't each of those produce the maximum amount of efficiency and transfer of power. Efficiency and power transfer is found through a smooth rotation for the full 360 degrees of the pedal stroke. It doesn't come natural.

One leg drills. Over and over again. 30 seconds a leg followed by 1.30 recover for about 30-40 minutes total of drill time. That's been a big component of my week. All to make the millions of pedal strokes I'll do this season all the more effective.

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