Monday, January 31, 2011

First Monday on the Job at Spartan Race HQ

It's official.  March 5th I'm going to try and snowshoe 100 straight miles...and I went snowshoeing for the first time yesterday.  Coming from an Ironman background I've never even ran 100 miles yet.  I'm waiting for the McNaughten to attempt that in May!  

But, anyway, even if it's impossible on paper to do, as many will say, I'm going to give it all I have.  If I listened to my inner doubts I never would have accomplished half of my best races.

Woke up fresh at 5am and got to office work so I could have a few hours to train once the sun was out and it wasn't 0 degrees F.  Pounded out some office work (man, I love working in the same beautiful Barn loft that I sleep in) until 10 where I got a wicked tasty breakfast at the General Store.  Spinach ommellette with home fries.  Then I could squeeze in my workout.

Training for this season will be VERY different than my typical Ironman training.  The Peak Events are rugged long.  The Death Race is insane full body functional fitness.  I can't rely on being super specialized to just swim bike and run, I need to be a full fledged monster. 

Especially in this new snowshoe scenario.  The course is approx 6.5 miles relatively straight up and down Joe's Mountain.  Going to have to dig deep and train hard, fast, without over-training.

But life is about doing pushing past normal.  About doing what I feel might be impossible.  I can't let the notion of failure deter me.  The possibility of failure is the mark of quality.  I high degree of failure is the mark of attempting something excellent.

And that's why I've moved up to Pittsfield, VT, Spartan Race HQ, to work and train non-stop.  Doing things I never dreamed - getting ready for the big Death Race after doing all the preceding Peak Events.

1)  Moved a big ol' pile of wood.  Kept tempo up and my heart rate monitor stayed right around 145bmp.  Full aerobic mode with great arm work since the pile I was stacking got taller than me.  1.00.00
2)  Straight to 2.15.00 snow shoe up and down Joe's Mountain on parts of Snowshoe Challenge course.  Put for pieces of wood (approx 30 lbs) in my back pack for the ascent.  Just walking with load pushed me near my lactate threshold.  Forget about running.  Gradients are just too steep going up.  Dumped load at top and sprinted down mountain. 
3)  Once I hit the street I ran 30 minutes carrying all my snowshoe gear.

3.45.00 in total and I was glued to office chair IMMEDIATELY upon return for Spartan Race work in office.  Couldn't even change of eat for near 2 hours.  Just settling in some 5 hours later and have a second to type this.

So, I actually had to miss Bikram Yoga which I had on the schedule.  Tomorrow, I guess.  

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