Sunday, February 7, 2010

Base Build I

Yes, a blog update was long overdue. I’ve gotten your emails/messages (some kinder than others) expressing my laxness in keeping my training status up to date ☺ The reason for my disappearance from the blogosphere can be attributed to two things 1) I was mostly in the prep phase of training and found it rather uneventful, and 2) Once the shit hit the fan I was so tired that informing you all of my progress took a much lower priority than laying still with my feet up.

But I’ve just finished my first week of real training so it should offer and adequate account of where I stand. Being that I have some tri ‘geeky’ readers as well as coaches using this blog to monitor my progress, I’m going to start including my workouts in brief.

This week reminded me of the demands on my time, strength, and mental stability. I can only hope it gets easier as I adapt. I happy to acknowledge that my speeds/endurance/feel are far superior than this time in the past. The two bricks I did this week resembled some of my peak workouts when I was 24. Being a little older/wiser has it’s perks I think.

This was the week of Feb 1

Monday: Off. Busy, day. No time for training.


Workout #1- Brick

2.45.00 on bike trainer. (20.00 one leg drills, 6x 10.00 tempo on bigger gear with 5.00 recovery). quick transition to
1.05.00 run. 7.25 miles of road


Workout #1-Bike

1:00.00 bike indoors ( one leg drills and 2x10 min medium intervals)

Workout #2- Swim
2500 yards with 4x400 tempo

Workout #3-Lift
Ran 1 mile warmup
Maximum strength squat, leg lift +abs and back extensions


Workout #1-Run
10 miles of hilly roads/trails. 1:23.00

Workout #2-Swim
1000 yards easy


Workout #1-Brick
2:45.00 indoor bike (one leg drills plus 5 x 15.00 intervals)
48.00 6 mile transition run


Workout #1 Bike

2:15.00 indoor trainer (4x15 fast spin, hard intervals)

Super Bowl Sunday:
Got dressed up and .5 miles down the road admitted I was toast. Legs were so tight and it was SOOOO cold. It’s too soon to over train so I sat it out. I can thus use the last 6 days to plan a better distributed workload next week.


approx 14.5 hrs of real training with two days off. I'll take it.

Strengths: Great transition runs. I was running off 2.45.00 bike rides with little notice. Lifting I was already putting up max loads. Only a triathlete can leg press 500 pounds and refuse to do a push up ☺

Weaknesses: Swim, swim, swim. I need to get more yards in plus drills. I’ll attend to this next week.

Goals to note:

BACK TO KONA (but first to race weight!)

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