Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Florida Week 3

The most important lesson from last week is to listen to your body. Mine was telling me a great number of things that I was ignoring.

Namely, acclimation takes time. You can't just start riding 120 mile rides in 90+ degree temperatures in the scorching sun and not expect to suffer a bit. I paid little mind to hydration much to my own demise come the weekend.

Also, intensity is plays a serious roll in how much volume you can do. I'm not training with a HR monitor these days. So I knew I had to be careful about overdoing it with enthusiasm. As intensity increases volume must decrease for a bit. Well, last week I pushed both up. Mistake.

Workout #1
Bike 2.45.00, 56 miles

Workout #2
Swim 1.15.00, 4000m

Workout #3
Life 0.30.00


Workout #1
Brick, Bike 52 miles, run 4

Workout #1
Bike, 5.50.00 110 miles

Workout #1
Run, 1.30.00, 11 miles
Workout #2
Swim, 1.00.00, 3300m


Workout #1
Run, 1.15.00, 6.5 miles

Workout #1
Brick, Bike 111, Run 4

Workout #1
Run, 2.15.00, 16m

29.05.00 hrs
Swim 7300m
Bike 329 miles
Run 40 miles

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