Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Florida Week 1

I'm not sure if it's a good omen to get the stomach flu immediately before driving 1100 miles to do the most serious training you've ever attempted. I guess it's better than getting the stomach flu during an important week of training.

Well, despite a bit of travel, sickness, a little drama, and feeling like a stranger in a strange town I was down to business on Monday.

Foremost, I'm please to announce that my place is right next store to Busch Gardens and The Sun Dome. Pretty cool locale with more than one burrito joint. SCORE. The YMCA nearby is a lovely facility with a, get this, an outdoor lap pool, which, very often is set up as 50 meters.

Riding down here is very different that Jersey. It's big gear land. You stay in one position very seldom shifting. Just steady state effort, not the hilly up and down tempos of back home. It's just flat and flat. Never getting out of the saddle kinda sucks. But I want to change my style up a bit this year to be able to power through the headwinds of Kona. So this is perfect to learn how to push big gears all day.

workout # 1
bike 3.15.00 56 miles, 90 minutes aerobic, 10 x 4 min intense with 2 min recover, cool down. Felt so good to be out on the open road I didn't even stop pedaling as I puked breakfast all over myself.

workout #2
swim 1.00.00, 2500 yards. Mostly endurance with some 200's at 3.20 pace.

workout #3
30 minutes lifting. High rep, low weight. Legs were DEAD.

workout # 1 brick
2.05.00 Hard tempo ride with Adam (a wicked talented local cyclist who is the best training partner one can think of). Then 4 miles 26.50. (2.30.00 workout)

workout #1
5.20.00 Long ride, 100 miles, 81 solo, 19 with adam. Seriously beautiful sights and reasonable tempo considering the wind.

workout # 1
Hard Run 10 Miles
1.18.00 (5 miles warm up, 3 miles @ 7.00, 6.45, 6.15, 2 miles cool down)

workout #2
Swim 3000 yards (6x 500)

workout #3
weight room. Squat, leg press, abs

workout #1
Swim 4500 meters...1.50.00

workout #1
Bike 76 miles 4.16,00, run 5, 38.00)

workout #1
long run
16 miles

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