Thursday, February 9, 2012

Working Stiff

I have a 168-hour work week.

So do you, actually.  Yes.

Are you working on your sleep so that you can be a happier person?

Are you working on organizing your closet 10 minutes today so it could give you 1 minute more time with your family for the next 20 years as you get to the breakfast table faster?  That's over 6 hours a year...and you are no longer a slob.

People say I have OCD or I'm like that guy Monk on TV.

I just think things are beautiful the way I see them in my head.  And, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, I'm going to try and make the world match up with what's in my head.


  1. Effortlessly perfect. I'd like to hang out in your head for a while. I imagine it to be like a trendy minimalist oxygen bar with a fire.

  2. Carrie, it's a matter of understanding the bigger picture. Yes, me taking 10 minutes from my computer to go outside and try to stalk a squirrel with a bow and arrow doesn't make sense from certain reference points (like my refrigerator and nearby grocery store). But it sure as hell does from my vantage. That's being eFFicient with work. Not goofing off.