Monday, December 26, 2011

On The Surface

I noticed a crack on my front Carbon wheel about 10 minutes ago.

My heart sank.  This could derail my whole Epicman race.  I have no backup wheel set.  I have no money to buy another wheel.  I'd have to borrow a wheel and it would probably effect my performance.

The bad performance would, no doubt, cause me to be a complete failure in my eyes and lead to utter despair over how dumb I could be.

I worked out the equation (possible series of events)  to me being homeless and a burden on my friends and family.

Then I decided to really look at the crack.

It was really a harmless decal peeling in a strange way.

And so it goes.  The constant trials of beating ourselves up over false beliefs. 

Looking at things properly is important.


  1. What a great lesson, Jason!

    So often we, okay I, immediately go to the negative and run myself through a series of difficult, overwhelming, dissapointing scenarios of what I am sure will happen. This is exhausting, stressful and depressing. I waste all of this time and energy before I really look at the actual problem or issue at hand.

    Stop. Think. Choose. Act.

    This has become my new mantra - and some version of it may be my first tattoo.

    Thank you for confirming what I have been learning & realizing - attitude is everything, perception can skew anything. Choice and action are our greatest tools.