Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ultra Essentials

I found this gem in the General Store here in Pittsfield.

With the huge workout weeks I need lots of calories.  The problem is I often compromise on the quality of those calories.  On a 8,000 calorie training day, I sometimes am forced to go to Ramen in mass quantities.  And, yes, I've spent much of my life smearing Skippy in mass quantities on everything I eat.

To be honest, I can't afford to be picky on calories.  I just need enough of them.  If I was forced to go all organic I'd be broke in a week.

Peanut butter is an essential staple of my diet.  I won't touch on any science or zen regarding this.  I eat cases of it.  During training and racing and recovery.  Most athletes agree.

Vermont Peanut Butter has won the Peanut Butter War, in my brain.  Folks, check out and order some.  I already cleaned out the General Store in Pittsfield.  Here quality of a product trumps any disparity in cost to the competition.

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